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Our first step is understanding your business.

The diverse background of our people, our careful processes and an overall results-driven attitude set Henry & Peters apart from other firms and bring you applicable, in-context financial intelligence you can be confident in.

BankingHenry & Peters has extensive experience with commercial banks and other related institutions, and we currently offer audit related services to a large volume of institutions, ranging in size from $40 million to over $2 billion in assets. We are familiar with the standard procedures and controls of these types of businesses and can assist with regulatory requirements from Call Report preparation to full FIDICIA testing. For smaller institutions, we offer Directors Exams and other agreed upon procedure services.

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Employee Benefits

Henry & Peters is a member of the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center and committed to helping clients with their employee benefit matters. Our professionals are experienced in working with all forms of employee benefit plans, such as defined benefit and defined contribution plans, including 401(k) and 403(b) retirement plans, employee stock ownership plans, health and welfare plans, and profit sharing plans.

During a benefits plan audit, our auditors first gain a thorough understanding of the plan and its internal controls in order to prepare a customized approach. Throughout the engagement we focus attention on compliance with DOL and ERISA regulations.

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Financial accountability and transparency are key to handling taxpayer dollars. Our government audit team has substantial experience in auditing financial information that you will be providing to the public. Henry & Peters is a member of the AICPA Government Audit Quality Center, and we also have a staff member that is a member of the Government Finance Officers Association Special Review Committee for the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting Program.

We understand how important regulatory compliance and impeccable financial records are to non-profits, and their donors. In addition to our entire firm’s dedication to serving the community, our non-profit audit team is well-versed in UPMIFA regulations and the complexities of endowment accounting. We apply this understanding to all of the non-profit audits we perform and work to provide sound guidance and recommendations for improvement and greater transparency. The goal of Henry & Peters’ non-profit audit team is to keep you doing the good work you’re passionate about.

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Henry & Peters has served the oil and gas industry since its founding in 1929. We are proud to walk alongside these clients in many respects, providing consultation and sound analysis. Our audit department’s professionals possess industry experience that enables them to handle internal, external, and especially joint interest audits, with skill and ease.

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Joint Interest Audits

Joint interest audits must be handled with great care. We make a point of gaining a thorough understanding of the agreements in place between parties before beginning the audit planning process. This ensures all procedures, activities, revenues and costs are accounted for properly throughout the audit engagement and that the resulting statements and opinions are an accurate portrayal of the business.

Healthcare is a compliance and detail-oriented industry with complex financial systems and controls, as well as enormous responsibilities relative to Medicare, Medicaid, and HIPAA regulations. In performing external audits for our healthcare clients we lead with communication, layout specific and well-researched plans, and work meticulously to produce results and reports that provide information and safeguards for your entity.
Understanding the flow of money in a small business is paramount to its success. We partner with our small business clients to increase an owner’s understanding of its financial systems, which in turn allows the owner to improve financial performance. Our team will help you assess your needs and point you to the most cost-beneficial service for your business.

The construction industry works at a high intensity level with both business and manual labor components. From percentage of completion and completed contract complexities, to bonding and license requirements, we help construction business owners meet financial reporting requirements, and provide valuable insights into their businesses.

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The manufacturing industry often deals with specialized accounting issues like overhead allocations, standard costs, and complex valuation and existence issues. We provide a team with in-depth understanding of these issues across multiple manufacturing specialties that provide unique and valuable insight to your business.

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