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Every business owner is different with varying levels of experience and know-how when it comes to accounting and bookkeeping. Wherever you’re at, Henry & Peters is here to stand in the gap and assist you in achieving the best for your business.


In order to gain an accurate view of the financial position of your individual jobs/projects and the business as a whole, the construction industry requires a specialized approach to accounting and bookwork. We can help set up specialized formats and systems including:

  • Completed Contract Method of Accounting
  • Job Estimating & Costing

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Meticulous record keeping is a must in any legal practice’s accounting setup and tracking time and expenses are paramount to ethical and financial success. Our experienced team is able to set up your books to do just that freeing you up to concentrate on your client work:

  • Track IOLTA Accounts
  • Track payments for 1099s


Our Accounting Solutions team includes individuals with healthcare industry experience, which they put to work for our healthcare and medical professionals. We will assist you in setting up the systems and controls to handle receipts and disbursements properly, as well as payroll and other general accounting needs.

  • Physician Pay & Bonus Calculation
  • Accounts Receivable Analysis

Henry & Peters considers it a privilege to work with non-profits and help them continue doing good work in our community. We will assist you with the implementation and maintenance of accounting practices that will produce accurate and informative records, ideal for completing your 990 tax form and applying for grants.

  • Restricted & Unrestricted Funds Monitoring
  • Track Donor Accounts & Pledges

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Oil & Gas

We draw on the expertise of our audit and tax departments to help oil and gas industry clients structure accounting systems that are transparent, informative and track profits and expenses in real time. Our firm’s history and breadth of experience in the oil and gas field enables us to advise you on subtle points that can impact your bottom line – we see things others might not.

  • Track Non-production & Production Leases
  • Working Interest & Royalty Income Tracking
  • Balance Operator 1099 at Year-End

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Restaurants & Entertainment

A restaurant’s accounting considerations are numerous and include payroll and tip reporting, various taxes, workers’ compensation and much more. Henry & Peters is familiar with these details and helps restaurants large and small establish practices and systems that ensure reporting is correct and payments are made on time, while also providing a clear view of the financial health of the business.

  • State Tax Reporting
  • Payroll & Tips processing and reporting
  • Point of Sale Interface


Retail businesses have money coming in and going out constantly from numerous customers and vendors. That’s in addition to payroll. Henry & Peters’ knowledge of point of sale systems is an asset to our retail clients. We will work with the systems you have in place, or provide guidance on new ones, and then assist you in setting up the procedures and practices that will keep you on top of your business.

  • Sales Tax Processing
  • Point of Sale Interface
  • Inventory Management

Manufacturing operations present a unique set of challenges in accounting due to the expenses of stockpiling raw materials versus the profit potential of the finished good inventory. Henry & Peters’ inventory management expertise and general knowledge of the manufacturing industry allow us to help these clients account for all of these various costs and revenue streams.

  • Inventory Tracking and Analysis
  • Job Costing

Ensuring funds are accurately tracked and reported is essential for our Trust and Estate clients. We maintain strict confidentiality with all information we are provided.

  • Asset Management & Tracking
  • Reporting to Trustees
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