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Committed to community.

We work hard to see our clients succeed, and that means doing our part to make sure our community as a whole succeeds. Henry & Peters has a legacy of pouring into the people and organizations that make East Texas great.

Senior Associate promotions / CPA license / Graduates

Henry & Peters is proud to announce as of December 1st promotions to Senior Associate: Carrie Britnell, Colton Eldridge, Whitney Montoya, Madison Weasley and Katy Wilkins

Many of the staff have earned their CPA license and have graduated this year. Zach Curtis graduated in May with his Bachelors (working on Masters), Taylar Rivers will graduate this month with her Bachelors, Brynn Davis earned her CPA license, Colton Eldridge earned his CPA license, Zuly Espino earned her CPA license, and Katy Wilkins earned her CPA license.

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