Employee Testimonials

“Interning with H&P was an amazing experience and a great opportunity. I was able to touch many different tax returns, working them from the start to finish, while also having the chance to work on several different types of audits. Being able to see such a broad view of accounting in such a short period was really helpful in giving me an idea of what area I prefer and want to focus. What really made the internship enjoyable and somewhere I wanted to be everyday was the people at H&P. From the partners to the part-time employees, everyone was super friendly and always willing to help with any problems or questions that came up. Overall I really enjoyed my time and feel like I was able to learn so much from the 8 weeks I spent with H&P.”

Lincoln Fischer

Senior Associate

“I started working at Henry & Peters as a staff associate in September 2018. It’s been a very good experience. What first drew me to H&P was the reputation it had in the community for being an outstanding accounting firm. The partners go out of their way to not only meet their clients’ needs, but also encourage and mentor staff members. My coworkers have also gone the extra mile in helping me with the learning curve as a new staff member and have been amazing at answering many, many questions. As I continue working for H&P, I want share that same spirit of excellence with others.”

Jerusha Hamrick


“Working at Henry & Peters has been great. The people I work with are nice, helpful and most of all professional. Within a short time I felt like I was already part of the family. It is so refreshing to work with people that you know are there to help you be successful. It is also so wonderful to get to help our clients. I enjoy talking to people and getting to know them and in the end help them and their business be more successful. I also appreciate how much Henry & Peters does for the community and how much they encourage me to volunteer and get involved with non-profits. I have always been involved and helped the community but it is great when your employer encourages that involvement. Henry & Peters has been a great fit for me and has helped me transition into a new career path from working in industry most of my career.”

Linda Cooper


“Moving back to East Texas from DFW was a large step for our family and finding an enjoyable place to work and grow professionally long-term was a major decision. However, the people of Henry & Peters have made our transition a very smooth and enjoyable one, leaving no doubt that the right decisions were made in all respects. The main reason I chose H&P was for the culture, people and leadership of the firm. The work environment of H&P fosters a sense of caring, professionalism and abundance of knowledge. The work/life balance I have obtained at H&P has been an absolute blessing and is in stark contrast to that of DFW. H&P has the friendliest employees and when I proudly mention to people that I am an H&P employee, they immediately recognize the firm and all the respect that it embodies. This serves to confirm my decision to join the H&P team.”

Shawn Onley


“Tyler is a growing community that has a lot to offer, and the firm’s experience and reputation has established us as the best in East Texas.”


Kevan Kirksey


“Working at Henry & Peters allows me to be part of something bigger than myself – a team of hard working players and a group that genuinely enjoy working together to get the job done.”

Kristen Baldwin

Talent Acquisition & Public Relations