Industries We Serve

Henry & Peters is committed to cultivating a breadth of industry experience to serve our clients better.

Our specialists provide thorough, insightful accounting services based on their industry expertise.

Every engagement, no matter what services we’re providing, begins with our team getting to know your organization’s unique needs.

We then leverage our industry expertise to help meet those needs.

Oil & Gas

Henry & Peters has extensive experience working with oil & gas operations, allowing us to provide them with a suite of insightful, effective services.


Our team includes individuals with direct experience in healthcare, allowing us to provide targeted services that help you care for patients better and more profitably.

Financial Institutions

Large and small financial entities require precise, thorough accounting services, and our team provides turnkey services to meet those needs.

Agricultural Operations

Farms and ranches have unique accounting needs, and Henry & Peters has extensive experience helping those operations meet those needs.

Professional Services

From entity creation to tax planning, Henry & Peters has the expertise to provide professional service firms with the accounting & tax services they need.


Industrial operations face unique accounting challenges, like inventory management and valuation, that our team can help you manage.


Regulations governing non-profits require a team of experienced CPAs at Henry & Peters who understand the industry.


Henry & Peters understands the unique challenges that come with handling taxpayer money, and we’re committed to providing thorough, detailed accounting for government entities.

Employee Benefit Plans

Henry & Peters is a member of the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center and is committed to helping our clients manage their plans.


Construction firms operate with slim margins and offer challenging contractural elements that require insight from an industry-experienced accounting team.

Small Business

Small businesses face unique challenges, and our team’s breadth of experience in retail, restaurant, and other business models will help.


Restaurant payroll can be complicated, especially for a small business owner. Henry & Peters provides payroll & bookkeeping support for restaurants.


Our experienced team helps retail businesses track cash flow, improve internal procedures, and understand point-of-sale systems.

Trusts & Estates

Henry & Peters provides asset tracking and financial reporting to ensure trusts & estates are being appropriately managed.


To remain compliant, legal firms require extensive tracking, including 1099 payments and IOLTA records. Henry & Peters has extensive experience helping legal practices, large or small.